Even if you are not confident enough, our community believes in your potential to become a

You can't win the game if you're not on the field.

Winning at business together

Who We Are

The Legitpreneur™ Academy is an e-coaching and training program for legit entrepreneurs. Not only do we provide you with a team, we provide all of the tools, techniques, worksheets, and tips you need to get off the bench, go into the endzone, make touchdown after touchdown, and be a champion in business!

Just like in football, you need a team to succeed. A coach to tell you what's what and a huddle to give you comfort when times are tough. This is why most people who do it on their own fail. That's where we come in. We are your huddle, playbook, and coach all rolled into one.

Our method...

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Train to compete. Get everything you need to get in the game and win successfully.

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Providing entrepreneurs with the energy and support they need to get to the endzone, make touchdowns, and win. We believe that our communities are stronger when more businesses thrive. 

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Once you learn to play the game, we’re here to help you win it. We coach you by providing training, determining game plans and tactics, and inspiring you.

Our Strategy For Winning

Self-Awareness & Clarity

We train entreprenuers to make good decisions by asking them questions and helping them find answers.


We help legit entrepreneurs get better at what they do by teaching them to think differently. We teach you how to win by making more touchdowns.


We coach you to do better at running your business, or get more points in the game.

It's no secret, that your head coach Stefanie loves her football analogies. This allowed her to come up with the idea to merge performance coaching with the excitement of football, creating a unique platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Platform

Some people learn to score touchdowns so they can win games. We're trying to help legit entrepreneurs by telling them how to do it, and we want to get them off the bench so they can do the same.

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The Game Hub

The Game Hub is our native mobile app that gives key players "All in One" access to our Huddles, Roster, Resources, Video Library, Game Tapes (Audio Courses & Programs), Challenges, Micro-Lessons, Blog, Training Schedule and more!



Yep, you heard us right. Work on your game when you have time to get work done. We'll send a series of emails straight to your inbox over a period of time that teach on a specific topic. We also send weekly drills that are designed to be short and to the point so you get to winning fast with our proven strategies. Each email contains one lesson, and all those emails together create your course. It's basically a stripped down online course without all the shiny bells and whistles of online course creating platforms. Coaching when you want it!



The Game Hub is our native mobile app that gives key players "All in One" access to our Huddles, Roster, Resources, Video Library, Game Tapes (Audio Courses & Programs), Challenges, Micro-Lessons, Blog, Training Schedule and more!

Game Tapes


Looking for the latest and best ways to learn? Our team of experts has curated a collection of audio courses and self-paced courses, available through our website and mobile app to help make your learning experience even better than ever.

Sample of our Training 

We offer a hard-hitting, game-like boot camp designed to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality and win.


LLC Boot Camp is a great way to educate yourself on the ins and outs of an LLC. It's a full day of education covering all the basics of incorporating your business, workings of an LLC, tax implications, protection from liability and much more!

LLC Boot Camp
Crack the 1099 Code 

Learn the ins and outs of 1099s. The 1099 form is used to report payments made to independent contractors, vendors, and other types of non-employees as determined by the IRS. Go over everything you need to know about reporting payments on IRS form 1099

Tax Clinic

The Tax Clinic webinar is a great opportunity for new business owners to learn about their tax obligations and get ready for tax season. We'll cover the basics of bookkeeping, deduction tips, and more. Plus, there will be a chance to ask questions and connect with other new business owners like yourself.


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