Meet the LPA Founder Stefanie M.

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It all started with a LLC Bootcamp and some  legiters.

For many clients, I had to answer the same question upon forming their LLC: "What's next?" To help them move forward, I created the Get Legit checklist. It inspired me to create a playbook that would help other entrepreneurs get started faster and more easily. That wasn't enough, though. There were still more questions that were around contracts and annual compliance. It was like I just handed them the ball and told them to now run with it—or rather, get on the field, dominate the competition, score some points and learn how to win...with no playbook. Hence my decision to create The LLC Bootcamp. Over 200+ LLC owners attended.

Introducing... The Legitpreneur Academy™

Legitpreneur Academy™ is a support system for those who have leaped from being a sole proprietor to a legit entity — coined Legitpreneurs™. Its debut topic was "The Evolution of a Legal Babe™" filling in the gap that most startup guides left.

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 Here, you'll find what we're all about.

Your legitstatus can be significantly impacted depending on how you choose to wear your hat and that's a big deal! To help you with this decision, we've created the Legitpreneur Academy™: Your Online Home Base for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Training. Your valid status, or legal standing, impacts how you conduct business: it's your say in how you maintain your business and it's got a say in how you value your business, and how you invest in it.

Legitpreneur Academy™ offers a support system for those who have left the comfort of being a Sole Proprietor (Sole Prop) or a DBA [Doing Business As] for an entity which includes an LLC or Corp. 

How do we support Legitpreneurs?  Our support systems consists of the 4Cs: coaching, curriculum, connections, and challenges.